The disappointment of 2005.

I've been seeing everyone's "TOP 10 of 2005" lists pop up, and it's made me realize how disappointing this year was. The only full-length released this year that I can honestly remember listening to multiple times was the latest Depeche Mode record. I'm sure there have to be at least a few more... I'll have to keep thinking.

Depeche Mode - Precious MP3
Depeche Mode - A Pain That I'm Used To [Jacques Lu Cont Remix] MP3
Depeche Mode - Clean [Bare] MP3


Anonymous shannon said...

see, and i'm actively resisting the new depeche. violator was the last record i bought...when it came out. i'm not even sure if i'm qualified to have an opinion on depeche anymore because my years with them were so bleeding long ago. black celebration has always been my favorite, and i expect songs of faith & devotion will always be the big letdown for me. violator was a letdown after music for the masses. damn. i feel totally old. thanks james! ;)

but seriously. we're doing our top 10s of everything from this year, including top 10 overheards. #1 is probably "i have to go tune my autoharp," which sounded really naughty when david said it. stuff should be up tonight, tomorrow night, something...it may be another night of DFG: live from starseeds. ...or magnolia.

4:40 PM  
Blogger Young Poisoner said...

This is what I'm here for; making people feel old. Don't resist it...

Wait till I bust out my upcoming Red Lorry Yellow Lorry post. You may explode.

6:59 PM  
Blogger Stuart Robertson said...

Violator was the last album from Depeche Mode I bought as well. I liked I feel loved on Exciter -- especially the remixes. Actually, it's the remixes and covers that I've been enjoying more than the recent albums. Although A Pain That I'm Used To is good enough that I might need to check out the whole album.

11:20 AM  
Anonymous shannon said...

upcoming red lorry yellow lorry? hmmm. (was "in my mind" ever released on an album?) i think whipping out that judy's article sort of trumps all. ultra-obscure texas new wave. don't make me get out the pain teens records and talk about walking time bombs / the scott ayers experience / princess dragon mom. gah...and that puts me back into HNIA territory. (seriously, it's a wonder i have any social skillz. and yes, i've learned to not resist feeling old: geriatric goths unite.)

10:24 PM  

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