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Last night I saw Mahogany at Dave P's greatNight Time party. They were amazing! I wish I had photos to show, but this time Mahogany was an 8-piece band (2 drummers, 3 guitarists, 2 bassists and a vocalist), and was quite the spectacle.

Their new Connectivity LP seems to be coming out soon, but neither their label nor the band's official site seem to want to give us any exact details. Word on the street is that it was partially produced by ex-Cocteau Twin, Robin Guthrie.

Here's a great video for "Supervitesse!" from the new record:

Mahogany - Soleil Radeux [from The Dream of a Modern Day LP]
Mahogany - Accelerations [from Memory Column: Early Works and Rarities 1996-2004]

Mahogany's official site
Mahogany's Myspace


Anonymous Richie said...

I got a copy of "Connectivity!" recently, it's really great, they deserve to get noticed for it. It sounds like they took aspects of all my favourite 80s and 90s alternative music and blended it together to make something very fresh.. pushes all the right buttons, basically.

12:05 AM  

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