Zookeeper (ex-Mineral/Gloria Record) :: NY shows + MP3s

ex-Mineral and The Gloria Record singer Chris Simpson is back, this time heading a solo-project under the name Zookeeper. It's good stuff... pretty mellow, kind of somewhere between Van Morrison and the Beatles, with nice acoustic/electric instrumentation and tasteful brass horns now and then.
He'll be heading to NYC for a pair of shows. Check it out for yourself.

July 8th
New York, NY @ Lit
w/ The 101 (ex- Christie Front Drive)

July 13th
New York, NY @ Pianos

Zookeeper Empty Graves MP3
Zookeeper Tax Collector MP3
Zookeeper Trumpets MP3

Zookeeper on MYSPACE


Anonymous Butter said...

4/1/2008 - Thank you for this post.
(I did a Google search on Mineral/The Gloria Record/Chris Simpson to see what he or TGR was up to these days. Yours was one of the sites listed.)

Respect from Chicago,

5:51 PM  

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