Eux Autres

This is what I know about Portland's Eux Autres:

1. They're a brother/sister duo that doesn't make me cringe at the thought of brother/sister duos.
2. Janet Weiss [Sleater-Kinney/Quasi] recorded their CD.
3. NY-based animator Scott Bateman did a short clip for one of their songs here as part of his self-made challenge to create one animated short a day for a year.
4. Eux Autres is French for "The Others". It's a mouthful of a name.
5. They're originally from Omaha, NE.
6. That's Smolli the beagle pictured with them above.
7. Eux Autres is damn good.

Eux Autres - Other Girls MP3
Eux Autres - Ecoutez Bien MP3
Eux Autres - The Sundance Kid MP3
Eux Autres - Partick Nil MP3


Anonymous Florence & Cathrine [[The Band]] said...

We're hoping to do a cover of The Sundance Kid, but we can't find the lyrics anywhere! Do you happen to know them?

12:49 PM  
Blogger you know said...

How could I never have heard of this band?! I think PDX has more bands per capita than anywhere else.

12:59 AM  

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