New Voxtrot song.

There is a new Voxtrot song posted on their MYSPACE page entitled "Mothers, Sisters, Daughters & Wives".

Voxtrot - The Start Of Something MP3

Voxtrot's website


TOTAL WAR : Phase 2


Only Lovers Left Alive

Chicago's Only Lovers Left Alive mash the wall-of-sound atmospheric guitar assaults of Sonic Youth and My Bloody Valentine with Automatic-era Jesus & Mary Chain drum machines, monotone vocals and an occasional New Order guitar lead. They're already making waves and have toured Japan. Snag up a copy of their Cold EP if you can. Highly recommended.

Only Lovers Left Alive - Cold MP3
Only Lovers Left Alive - Delay MP3

Only Lovers Left Alive website
Only Lovers Left Alive on Myspace


For Against

When you think of Nebraska, Saddle Creek, Bright Eyes, The Faint, Cursive and the rest of the bunch come to mind, right? Well, if you dig a little deeper into the past, you'll find For Against, Lincoln's unsung heroes.

Since the late '80s, Jeffery Runnings has led For Against through a handful of lineups, skillfully combining the atmosphere of the 4AD label and the stripped down minimalism of Factory post-punk with a nod to the coldwave era. Minneapolis' Words On Music label have thankfully reissued their classic Echelons (1987), and December (1988) LPs in the last few years as well as their latest record, Coalesced (2002). If you like what you hear, I'd highly suggest hunting down their 1990 IPR 10-inch, In The Marshes (pictured), which is a bit darker and experimental with drum machines, and is by far my favorite For Against release.

Somehow, I have a feeling that even Lincoln doesn't know what they have on their hands. Anyhow, here's the motherload. Enjoy.

For Against - Shine [from Echelons] MP3
For Against - Autocrat [from Echelons] MP3
For Against - Clandestine High Holy [from December] MP3
For Against - Sabres [from December] MP3
For Against - So Long [from Coalesced] MP3
For Against - Coalesced [from Coalesced] MP3

Words On Music label
Trouser Press' For Against entry
For Against fan-site



Somewhere along the line, Los Angeles' Languis morphed from a pleasant IDM/organic recording project duo to a mindblowing full-on modernized shoegaze band. Their Other Desert Cities EP was produced by Ian Catt (Trembling Blue Stars, Saint Etienne). If the rest of it is as good as the MP3 below, I'll gladly bow down and lick your boots clean.

Reference points: Chapterhouse- Bloodletting, Ride, Pale Saints, My Bloody Valentine

There are a few west coast dates coming up... report back, if you can.

11.26 - The Revolver Project @ La Cave - Costa Mesa, CA
12.01 - Knitting Factory - Hollywood, CA
12.02 - The Casbah - San Diego, CA
12.03 - MultiKulti Tijuana - Tijuana, Mexico

Languis on Myspace
Pehr Label
Old Languis page (not updated)

Languis - In The Fields Of (Lonely Fences) MP3


Ris Paul Ric

You Ain't No Picasso posted this yesterday, but it deserves to be passed on. Chris Richards of Washington DC's Q And Not U hasn't wasted any time since his former band parted ways this summer.

He has a new full-length out on Academy Fight Song under his Ris Paul Ric moniker, which was recorded with Tim Hecker (Alien8). The songs that I've heard sound like the quieter moments on Q And Not U's Different Damage.

Ris Paul Ric on Myspace
Academy Fight Song
Q And Not U

Ris Paul Ric - Purple Blaze MP3



Tomorrow evening I'll be closing the night off at the first PHILTH-Y party at Luke + Leroy. It's FREE and it looks like I'll be on at 1am, so if anyone can tough it out that late, stop by and say hello.

Thanks to PolloxNiner for being a genuine "friends looking out for friends"-type and for hooking this all up.


American Analog Set • Add 3rd NY show

Those who waited too long to buy tickets for American Analog Set's sold-out Southpaw and Mercury Lounge shows should be excited. The band has added a 3rd NY show at Mercury Lounge on Sunday, November 20th.

Rumour has it that Favourite Sons, (Ken Griffin from Rollerskate Skinny and most of Aspera) will be the opener on this one. You may remember them playing with AmAnSet's Andrew Kenny (solo) and the wonderful Mahogany earlier in the year at Rothko. Keep your fingers crossed.

**UPDATE** I stopped by Mercury Lounge to pick up tickets and Favourite Sons are listed as the opener.


American Analog Set - Immaculate Heart i MP3
American Analog Set - Hard To Find MP3